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EDANDO was born on 1st January 2015 and today, 1st January 2021, we want to take another step forward in our way of working and in our objectives which, after all, are the objectives of our clients.

During these first five years, EDANDO has achieved its goal of remaining the only B2B portal between India and Spain worldwide, which in itself is quite an achievement. But, in addition to this, we have managed to establish a commercial link between both countries in many sectors, strengthening these relations with visits from companies and clients from both countries and coordinated by EDANDO, thus confirming our sign of identity: personalised attention.

In this way, from today and after five years of work, we want to provide added value to our professional experience and cover new markets. Thus, EDANDO will continue to be a B2B directory, but with extended horizons: India and Spanish-speaking countries. A business platform that offers services, international consultancy and market research aimed at creating a link between companies in Spanish-speaking countries and those in India.

To this end we have added a series of services:


  • Country Overview - Analyse Report.
  • Product Report.
  • Detailed Report of the Companies.
  • Company Profile Report.
  • What market do I want to target?


  • Locate the product you want in differente Spanish-Speaking Countries Companies.
  • Analyse, compare prices and quality, and negotiate with suppliers.
  • Contact these companies by email and telephone, taking advantage of our knowledge of Spanish.
  • Assistance in obtaining distribution of new brands and products.
  • Help on how to import products, freight calculations and customs duties.
  • Assistance in exporting.
  • Assistance in introducing your brand and attracting customers.

 And so, EDANDO, goes from being the only B2B portal between India and Spain to being the only B2B portal/international consultancy between India and Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. And all this thanks to God and the trust of our customers and manufacturers.

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