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Latin America continues to be a large market for India’s exports. India’s exports to Latin America amounted to $12.74 billion in 2020-21 (April-March), according to the figures released by the Commerce Ministry of India.  India’s total global exports have declined by 7% from $313 billion to $291 billion in the same period. Brazil continued as the number 1 destination of India’s exports to the region, with shipments valued at $4.25 billion.

The other major destinations were:

  • Mexico: $3.08 billion
  • Colombia: $865 million
  • Chile: $805 million
  • Peru: $765 million
  • Argentina: $688 million
  • Venezuela: $557 million


Major exports:

  • Vehicles: $2,608 million
  • Chemicals: $2,534 million
  • Pharma: $1,196 million
  • Machinery: $1,152 million
  • Diesel: $1,034 million
  • Textiles: $704 million
  • Cotton: $417 million
  • Plastics: $421 million
  • Iron and steel: $599 million
  • Aluminium products: $393 million
  • Rubber products: $254 million


Major Exports


Car exports

Latin America accounted for 30.5 per cent ($1.3 billion) of India’s global car exports of $4.3 billion. Mexico was the largest global market for Indian cars with $860 million in value of shipments. The US was second with $512 million. Other major destinations were Chile ($201 million) and Peru ($86 million).


India was the second-largest supplier of motorcycles to Latin America with $577 million in shipments. This is 28 per cent of India’s global exports, valued at $2 billion.
Major destinations were Colombia ($190 million), Mexico ($90 million), Guatemala ($84 million) and Peru ($53 million). Colombia was the third-largest global market for Indian motorcycles after Nigeria and Nepal. Some years back, Colombia was the number 1 destination. Indian brands are market leaders in Colombia and Guatemala. Hero Motors has invested $80 million in a production plant in Cali, Colombia.


India is the fifth-largest supplier of pharmaceuticals to Latin America. Major destinations of India’s pharma exports were Brazil ($317 million), Peru ($128 million), Chile ($123 million), Mexico ($114 million), Colombia ($68 million), Dominican Republic ($54 million), Venezuela ($51 million), Guatemala ($48 million), Bolivia ($29 million) and Ecuador ($28 million).


There is potential for India to increase its exports to about $20 billion in the next five years. At this time of austerity, Latin Americans look for affordable products from less-expensive sources. Although China fits this expectation, the Latin Americans seek to reduce their overdependence on China with which there is a growing trust deficit especially after the coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan.



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