• What do I get with edando? Open or Close

    Your company can be viewed anywhere in the world in just 1€.

    Moreover you can export, import your products and accomplish distribution of new products for your company.

    With edando, you can reduce your production costs, get raw material for your company and attract investors or customers who want to invest in real estate. Apart from this, you will get something more with edando, the only custom B2B business portal, in Spain and in India.


  • What will happen when I register with edando? Open or Close

    Your details will appear on edando. The Spanish and Indian companies, who are unaware of your establishment, can contact you for buying or selling of your products in Europe and South American markets.



  • What are the things I do during Registration? Open or Close

    While registering, you will upload your file as a company or as an individual. Other materials that you will provide are: link of your website, description of your enterprise, details of your products and your contact details.

  • What are the other services edando give me just for paying 1€? Open or Close

    If you don’t find a company or product that you are looking for, we will find it for you in a short period of time. When you subscribe to our newsletters we will provide the latest news related to your market industry. And all this for 1€ or even less.

  • But if I am not interested to export, why should I sign up? Open or Close

    Many competitive companies of your same product market will be the registered members of edando. Their presence will be very much visible. They will export and import their products. In the instance of your saving 1€ by not registering with edando, you will likely to lose a golden opportunity of business in the European markets.

    Sooner or later your cost of 1€ will be compensated also.