• What do I get with EDANDO? Open or Close

    With EDANDO you will be able to export your products, get your company to be known to the other side of the world

    Moreover you can export, import your products and accomplish distribution of new products for your enterprise.

    With EDANDO, you can reduce your production costs, get raw material for your company and attract investors. You can get all this and much more in EDANDO, the only B2B directory which offers a customized consultancy and market study in all Spanish-speaking countries.

  • What will happen when I register with EDANDO? Open or Close

    Once your details appear on EDANDO and you upload all your company data, foreign entinties who are unaware of your establishment, can contact you for buying or selling your products in Spain and South American markets. We remind you that due to our geographical location, African market is an open option for you as well. Such market can be reached through us.

    You can contact and ask us the clients of the sector to which you want to address and we will provide the data according to your subscribed plan.

  • What are the things I do during registration? Open or Close

    Register as a company. Moreover, you have to provide the following requirements: description of your enterprise, link of your website and your products, your contact details and the option of uploading your brochure (in PDF document or ZIP file).

    In addtion, we can provide the possibility to fill at least 15 images of your products with their specifications.

  • But if I am not interested to export, why should I sign up? Open or Close

    Many competitive companies of your same product market will be the registered members of EDANDO. Their presence will be very much visible. They will export and import their products.

    By not registering at EDANDO, you will likely to lose a golden opportunity of business in the Spanish-Speaking Countries markets.

    You can also take advantage of all the services we offer, to cover more market share.