Why Spain? The Spanish market is one of the largest in Europe, with 47 million consumers with a purchasing power above the European average. In addition, more than 50 million tourists visit Spain every year.

Spain grants free access to the world´s largest market, the European Union: more than 500 million consumers.

Is the 2nd country worldwide in revenues and the 1st in Europe and  ranks 3rd in tourist arrivals worldwide and 2nd in Europe.

Moreover, Spain provides a platform for doing business with the EU, and also with Africa and especially with Latin America. Spain is the EU country with the greatest number of double taxation treaties and investment protection treaties.

It counts with a favourable business climate. The nearly 12,800 foreign enterprises in Spain get benefit from it: corporate income tax and VAT are lower than the European average and the tax treatment of R&D is the second most favourable of the OECD countries, both for big companies and SMEs.

Spain is also notable for its network of communications and infrastructures and for its highly qualified and competitive workforce and hi-tech environment. Besides, Spain is currently focusing on a new productive model that creates business opportunities in high value-added sectors with a strong technological component. 

The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, explained that Spain has grown in the last quarter more than anyone in the euro area (which grew by 0.2% while Spain did 0.5%) has exceeded the average across the European Union and  by the end of the year will also be the country that grows from euro partners and create more jobs. "And next year will be to grow and create more jobs which" has ratified. 

Spanish and foreign companies established in Spain focus on EU markets, but they are increasing their exports and business towards Latin America, USA, Asia, Africa using Spain as a platform for Global Business. By joining edando, you are not only opening your doors to Spain but to all the countries where Spain is exporting.

In 2013, our exports to non-EU countries maintained the upward trend of the last few years:

- To Africa went up by 8.4% (particularly to Algeria by 11.4% and South Africa by 33.4%).

- To Latin America by 6.4% (especially to Argentina, 36.3% and Brazil, 28.9%).

- To Asia by 10.3% (of which 4.7% to China, 12.9% to Thailand and 10.7% to Taiwan).

However, the EU is still our main business partner with 62.6% of our exports: Spanish sales to this region increased by 4.7 percentage points in 2013:

- To the Eurozone by 4.1%.

- To the rest of the EU countries by 6.8%.


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