edando is a customized online B2B platform that offers commercial services and aims to create a link between companies of Spain and India. Our company is known for putting the customer first, maximizing the quality of their business and offering new opportunities in an honest and loyal way.


Our mission

Helping our clients to establish contact between the two countries and allow a business regardless of borderlines. In addition, one of our main proposals is the search of solutions to problems which companies can present, with the personal attention as one of our hallmarks.
At our firm we assist you to define where you want to sell your products and collaborate with the buyer companies. That is why edando is expected to go way beyond advertising. We help you to establish a communications network through us and you can even directly get in touch with the companies and start exporting or importing.

Besides, india is one of the most visited countries by the spanish tourists, edando will make visible your reputed hotel also so that you can get new customers.


Our story

The Jethmalani family lies behind edando. Even though they are settled in Spain since 1969, they belong to a reputed and well known Indian lineage of great professionals dedicated to the law.
During their residence in Spain, they have been engaged in the business, adapting therselves to the circumstances of each moment. Thus, edando is a combined effort of our rich experience in business and professional line and knowledge in the legal matters, particularly business and corporate law.