Why did we choose India? Because we are originally from there and therefore we want to help Indian SMEs to internationalize and look for new business opportunities in new markets, in this case, Spanish-speaking countries
1. Spain. The Spanish market is one of the largest in Europe, with 47 million consumers with a purchasing power above the European average. SPAIN EXPORTS TO THIRD MARKETS
Spain grants free access to the world´s largest market, the European Union: more than 500 million consumers.

Moreover, Spain provides a platform for doing business with the EU, and also with Africa. Spain is the EU country with the greatest number of double taxation treaties and investment protection treaties.

It counts with a favourable business climate. The nearly 12,800 foreign enterprises in Spain get benefit from it: corporate income tax and VAT are lower than the European average and the tax treatment of R&D is the second most favourable of the OECD countries, both for big companies and SMEs.

Spain is also notable for its network of communications and infrastructures and for its highly qualified and competitive workforce and hi-tech environment. Besides, Spain is currently focusing on a new productive model that creates business opportunities in high value-added sectors with a strong technological component.

By joining edando, you are not only opening your doors to Spain but to all the countries where Spain is exporting. (see the afore chart)


 2. Latin America. India’s exports to Latin America increased to 13.2 billion dollars in 2019-20, the highest in the last five years.

The major destinations are: Mexico USD 3.62 billion; Colombia USD1.04 billion; Chile USD 793 million; Peru USD 764 million; Argentina USD 763 million. Surprisingly, exports to Venezuela doubled to USD 340 million doubling from USD 165 million in 2018-19.

The major exports are Vehicles USD 3231 million; Chemicals USD 2576 mn; Machinery USD 1426 mn; Textiles USD 1058 mn; Diesel USD 1049 mn; Pharma USD 962 mn; Cotton USD 359 mn; Plastics USD 386 mn; Iron and steel USD 394 mn; Aluminium products USD 342 mn; Rubber products USD 264 mn. However, there are two markets that highlights: Motorcycles and Pharmaceuticals.

There is potential for India to increase its exports to about 20 billion dollars in the next five years if the Indian exporters intensify their export promotion seriously and systematically. For such purpose, EDANDO is available to join hands to whoever is willing.

Although the region’s imports will decrease by over 10% due to the 9.1% GDP contraction forecast for 2020, India can certainly increase its share in the region’s imports.

For example, India can double its pharma exports to 2 billion to Latin America whose annual global imports are around 25 billion dollars. Motorcycle demand is going up in the region, consequent to the need for social distancing after the corona pandemic. This provides an opportunity to take India’s exports to a billion soon.

At this time of austerity, Latin Americans look for affordable products from less expensive sources. Although China fits this expectation, the Latin Americans seek to reduce their overdependence on China with which there is growing trust deficit especially after the Corona virus which originated from Wuhan.

The Latin Americans appreciate the fact that India was the seventh largest destination for Latin America’s global exports in 2019 and the third largest in 2018. India is the #1 market for their exports of vegetable oil, #3 for crude oil and #4 for gold.

india exports by continent

As you can see the above image says where your opportunity is.


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