Globo TerráqueoThese are the personal services that edando team offers: 

- Search and localize the product which you are looking for among the spanish companies.

- Analyze, compare prices and quality, and negotiate with suppliers.

-Get in touch via mail and phone with the selected companies taking advantage of our knowledge of Spanish.

- Help to get new distributions for the Indian market.  

- Assistance to export to Spain as per the CEE law and Spanish law.

- Assistance to guide for duty clearance.

- Assistance as a commercial guide for the product.

- Market study.

- Legal and Tax advice.

- Guidance to apply for Golden Visa.


edando can help you to improve the visibility of your company by advertising on the bulletin board or putting an ad with us and, in that way, get in touch with hundred of Spanish companies.

If you need more information or a particular service, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with our team.